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When can I order a yearbook?

Yearbooks can be ordered September through May through online ordering @ Walsworth or pick up a paper order form available in the Front office at BHS and pay through cash or check to BHS. A limited number of books can be purchased with cash or check at Yearbook Distribution Day, held at the beginning of June.

How can I check to see if I ordered a yearbook?

If you placed an online order, check your email inbox or spam folder for a confirmation email. If you placed a order through a paper form, please email us @

What is a spring supplement?

A spring supplement a small magazine that features events & activities that happen later in the school year, typically items that happen after the yearbook is sent to the publisher. Past coverage has included spring sports, prom, RAVE Week, and spring break highlights.

For the 2023 yearbook, a spring supplement is included with each yearbook purchased.

What are yearbook accessories?

Yearbook accessories are additional items you can order to personal your yearbook.

iTags are stickered plates that include a student’s name and potential icons. They are placed on the yearbook after the yearbook is picked up.

Clear book protectors are plastic covers that help preserve the covers of the yearbook.

Autograph pages are additional blank pages that can be attached to the yearbook to have extra space for signatures.

What is the price of the yearbook?

The yearbook starts at $71 and increases throughout the school year.